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Apply for commercial loans in Australia

Business set up or buy a commercial property in Australia is not an easy work. There is a need of big investment to start a business or a purchasing a new commercial property. However, not everyone is able to set up his own business due to financial problems. If you want to start a new business & have not sufficient money, commercial loans in Australia is available for you. 

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You can get benefits with help of this mortgage service. Commercial loans in Australia are either Interest Only Loans or Principal and Interest Loans secured by way of a first or a second mortgage over income - producing commercial, industrial or retail properties. The interest only loans are for 5 years period and the rate can be either interest only variable or interest only fixed while principle and Interest reducing mortgage services terms are structured over terms of up to fifteen years.

Finance & Investment

The mortgage services for commercial property are a very specialized field and people should be wary of brokers promoting themselves as mortgage Brokers. This type of loan is available of different types of properties that include:
  • Purchase of retail, industrial, residential and commercial property
  • Construction of commercial properties like mall, shopping complex, big hospitals, community halls, industries as well as big retail stores.
  • For construction of big hotels, motels, caravan parks, PVRs, Cinema halls, and petrol stations, etc.
  • Construction of apartments.
If you are looking to expand your business, you are also eligible for getting commercial loan services in Australia. This loan service is available for individuals, partners, discretionary trusts, and other groups, on behalf of a business or company and can be used to fund commercial activities that can help grow and develop a business. This mortgage service can help you invest in equipment, staff, or premises that can help expand your business.

If you want to expand your business or want mortgage services for other commercial works, it is necessary to find a broker that specially deals in this field. YEG Finance is famous mortgage broker that all types of mortgage services. You can get more information about mortgage services in Australia by visiting the website

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